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Day 1/365 - is drinking an entire bottle of wine self love?

Day 1 of this 'transformation' quest .. and I'm already realizing that I don't really know when transformation is supposed to happen. Do I force it to happen? Do I go to the gym and meditate and half begrudgingly take a dance class with a pre-occupied mind and a heavy heart.

Or is transformation in the quiet of enjoying my new founded solitary space, cooking Chicken Parmesan (new favorite dish), drinking red wine and watching cute movies with my neighbor. Transformation could lie in the fact that all the decisions I made were for me and only me. No second guessing, no worrying about another person, no anxiety. I'd dare to say, some hints of peace. I think this will be an interesting journey. Self love can't be this every day, because that's not long term love for your future, career, better self. I'm excited to have this space to share with anybody that's reading (and if nobody is, it's already beyond therapeutic for me!).

As promised, here is my YOLO list:

- Get in the BEST shape of my life

- Take a Yoga Class

- Learn to love being alone

- Get my teeth whitened

- Stay up all night and watch the sunrise

- Read 10 new books (a little every day)

- Spend a weekend backpacking alone

- Go back to Yosemite National Park

- Go to see a basketball game

- Start writing a book

- Buy a cookbook and make every recipe

- Start a VLOG and buy a ring light

- Go to New Orleans

- Buy the HOTTEST DRESS EVER (after getting in the best shape of my life)

- Order room service; just for me!

- Host a cocktail night.

- Go to dinner in Little Ethiopia

- Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen

- Become fluent in Spanish

- Become the BEST dancer I can be.


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