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Day 3/365 - bad decisions, bad decisions, bad decisions. Oh, and one good decision.

I made it back to dance class today! It felt so good to be in my element, and I really pushed my body and my mind. I have a new approach where every time we run the combo I focus on a different part of the body: arms, legs, transitions & performance. I was really proud when I watched myself back on camera at the end. I'll be taking class daily moving forward, it's such good therapy. Oh, and it's my career (lol). I've been living in break-up city for far too long.

After that, me and Zaya (ultimate homegirl) went for cocktails and dinner at our friends' restaurant. Of course, those drinks led to more drinks and we went out to the Dime. THEN we drank wine with her mom, and THEN Abi decided to keep the party going (of course) and went to my friend's bar in West Hollywood. Bad decisions were made, and let's just say I am not feeling so hot the day after. When was my detox supposed to start again?

And it's really hard not being in touch with my ex. I miss the friendship/conversation very much. It's weird.

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