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Interstellar, & some other Stellar movies!

'Boats and Hoes, Boats and Hoes'



'Boats and Hoes, Boats and Hoes!' .... long silence.

This is what a gentleman at EXPG Dance Studio (Hollywood) was yelling at me yesterday, awaiting an excited response, or at the very least some kind of acknowledgement.

'What?' I said, looking confused.

'STEP BROTHERS!' he said, shaking his head in disbelief that I missed the reference.

Which brings me to this present moment, sitting watching Interstellar, one of the top 250 movies on IMDB that I am about to slowly make my way through during the rest of the year. I will abashedly say, they are some CLASSICS that I not only haven't seen, I haven't even heard of. My boyfriend just introduced me to Forrest Gump recently, and I am pretty darn excited about all the future Abi's movie experiences that I seem to have so widely missed in the last 29 years on this planet.

Suffice to say, Interstellar completely blew my mind and as the first of many iconic movies I'm about to enrich myself with, I'm extremely excited for this! Send me your suggestions or join me on this - you can find the list here:

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